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Registration now open for the 2022 season. You can start by registering for any ride and CCN will automatically include the MB Rando membership or you can purchase your club membership first and then click on the links below to register for individual rides once you know the weather :). The registration system will make you purchase an MCA license as this is needed for our insurance. The MCA is $60 plus tax and our club has two options. $35 or $45 depending on how much hardware you want to collect :).

Once you have registered with using the above button you can add register for the individual rides below (click the Register button not the ride name). Note: Registrations will close at 6pm before the day of the ride so don't wait too long, this will allow the ride leader enough time to prepare.

Ride registration for the Manitoba Randonneurs brevets

Currently Registered

 last updated September 9th 8:28pm

 2022 Registered riders

Aaron Guinn
Adrian Robertson
Andrew Orr
Antonio Nunes

Bradley Kulbaba

Candice Ball

Cody Claydon

Daniel Perry

David Fitzjohn

David Ristau

Dillan Pearse

Gerry King

Jae Bender

Ki seak Lim

Laura Finlay

Leonard Brisebois

Maria Versace

Mark B.

Mohammad Afshar
Robert Smith

Shaun Hildebrandt

Shaun Humphries

Stan Z.

Taha Kesariya
Weldon Penner
Zachary Hildebrandt

Gravel Parkway 200 Sept 10

Cody Claydon

Daniel Perry

David Boning

David Ristau

Dillan Pearse

Jordan Sawatzky

Shaun Humphries