News and updates

May 5 - 2022

Breakfast rides are starting up. The first one is this Saturday May 5th and is an easy 100km ride with a rest 1/2 for coffee or bite to eat. Check our Facebook page for details on location because right now some roads are being closed for flood reasons.

May 26th - 2020

Recently the Manitoba Cycling Association (MCA)
issued a directive for registered clubs to resume
planned events provided all club members abide the
protocols outlined in their statement.
Statement PDF Link
The link is above is for your review. Please familiarize
yourself with MCA recommendations and please follow.
Should need any clarification please contact us

May 9th - 2020

After meeting to discuss what to do with the rest of May it has been decided to Cancel / Postpone the rest of the May rides. The schedule has been updated to reflect the changes.


Manitoba Cycling Association whom we cycle under, has suspended all rides which effects us. However there appears to be some hope. It sounds like they are working on a protocol that we may be able to follow which would allow us to start cycling again as sanctioned events.The June rides have been adjusted to reflect this hope.


The Can-Am route goes through the US border which has been closed so we won't be able to do it this year because of COVID-19 restrictions.  The Marchand route is a fairly good way to get our legs back so we will attempt to have this ride on June 6 and 13th. Dauphin 300 will be returning to the schedule next year but is available to look at by clicking on its link.


Any of our routes you are free to cycle under your own steam. We can't provide insurance for them however if you send me your Strava or GPS ride result I will post it and record it on the results page. These individual rides do not qualify for Randonneur medals due to APC club rules but you will be stronger for it. Also as you ride post photos along the way to our Facebook group page so we can all virtually travel with you.


Thanks for your understanding and if you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to email me.