Swan River 1200 Riders

Together with Olympia Cycling Club and Olympia Cycle and Ski, the Manitoba Randonneurs are excited to host Manitoba's first 1200 km brevet, which rolls through the beautiful forest and lake land of our province.


Start: 07:00 on Sun, Aug 21, 2016

Limit: 01:00 on Thu, Aug 25, 2016


Registration is phasing out! Those on the Interested Riders List have been contacted directly with the registration link. Registration will be open to the public soon!

Enjoying the beautiful sunset after cycling overnight during a Manitoba Randonneurs brevet

Interested Riders List

  1. Pete McAdams
  2. Kevin Champagne
  3. James Foley
  4. David DiGiovanni
  5. Peter Hoeltzenbein
  6. Candy Badger
  7. Gary Baker
  8. Spencer Klaasen
  9. Michael Whalen
  10. Gary Prince
  11. Ken Bonner
  12. Tim O'Callahan
  13. Mark Gray
  14. Chester Fleck
  15. Stephen Kenny
  16. Paul Anderson
  17. Ian Hall
  18. Dallas Sigurdur